US Marine Tells it Straight! Why #Kratom is SO Good at Beating Pain Pills & Opiates?

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Guest Post – From The Kratom Bible Contributor – “JS” –


“Why is Kratom so important?  How is it so good at quitting pain pills and opiates?  This is why (I’m not a writer like Doc Kratom so I’m just going to be very direct and I hope it resonates with somebody in need.

 – You don’t need a doctor, a clinic, an intervention, etc involved.  I was always fearful that I would have to go through these uncomfortable moments when I really wanted to quit pain pills but couldn’t.

 – Kratom is something you can simply do by yourself in a legal manner.  If you are addicted to pain pills, opiates, etc – rest assured, those horrible psychological and physical pains will not be present.  You will get breathing room as you quit pain pills.  Kratom basically mimics opiates to your body via the stomach.  It stops the withdrawal from really starting and then kicking off the domino-effect of hell.

 – You basically get to quit pain pills while feeling good or great! – Don’t believe me?  Try it! – That’s the point of the book.  It’s just a quick-read to get people to at least try – you will be shocked.  I know how hard it is to talk to a pain-pill addict into trying anything as there is so much bunk out there but please kick them this little article (it’s from the heart), give them the free copy of the book on this site or just flat out buy them some kratom and shove it down there throat!  My life has changed from hell to heaven since I quit pain pills.  Serving in combat in Iraq was less scary than the 7 years I spent taking 10-40 pain pills a day.   I really mean that.  The opiate epidemic is destroying good people of all walks of life now.  Make a difference and share, spread & love.

Thank you “Doc Kratom” for letting me write my little piece on your site – I love you Bro and so do many guys and gals who served as well as civilians.

“JS” – Kratom User – If they ban it, they’ll have blood on their hands!

Wow – thanks to “JS” for the kind words and service to our country.  I like to post any stories or direct messages as sometimes that is better than a rigid news story on Kratom.

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Still looking for feed back on this Native American Opiate Replacement – please let us know and let’s keep each other informed.


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