@TuckerCarlson Speaks on the Opiate Epidemic as it Pertains to Our Vets – Keep #Kratom Legal!


Tweet to @tuckercarlson to ask him to address kratom as he digs into the opiate epidemic friends! He should hear our Vets and hear our stories!


On January 16th, 2018 run of the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” – Tucker finally gave some major media attention to something that we broke in our little book. – that the harm done to our Veterans by the opiate/pain pills epidemic is significant and horrible.

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We have mentioned countless times that kratom is saving some of the most important lives in the USA – those brave men and women of the US Armed Forces.  Injured and distressed veterans are shipped hundreds of pain pills each month (for virtually free) and either sell the pills for much needed money or take them and become addicted to opiates (or both!)


We broke this over a year ago publicly and several of our book’s contributors are Vets who saw this horrific problem growing and assisted us in spreading this little “intervention” of a book that highly recommends Kratom as a life-saving alternative.

The threat of Kratom becoming illegal in the USA and then forcing Vets, as well as regular American citizens, BACK to pain pills to deal with their chronic pain is something that is NOT acceptable.

Tucker Carlson has been very good lately about highlighting the horrific opiate epidemic in the USA – often asking politicians what they are doing to stop the addiction and death problems in their respective states.  There is never an answer that merits any reporting in this article.

If opiate manufactures, subsidized by the govt, is able to push for a ban on their biggest competitor – Kratom – then blood will be on the hands of all involved.

We hope Tucker keeps this fight going and he would be missing a huge angle and component in this opiate story to not mention a possible CURE for opiate addiction due to chronic pain (That may get banned by the same govt buying it’s citizens opiates!) – the non-narcotic natural herb – Kratom.  

Our little book has real testimony from former ex-pain pill addicts and it is real and from the heart.  The messages that we receive is why we keep the fight going – hundreds of messages thanking us for bringing the news of Kratom to them and their loved ones.

We will be keeping an eye on Tucker Carlson and will send him a free copy of our little book. Just in case it can get to him and bring attention to this life or death issue.


Stay safe friends!


Doc Kratom and Friends

* We have made the free copy available in PDF on this site eventhough it sells well at it’s cheap price.  Please feel free to download and share, copy, spread the word.  This is a battle for lives, not for money.  Buying from our recommended vendor is great or a bitcoin donation is also welcome…most importantly – spread the word on Kratom!


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