State of Illinois – still good for Kratom…but some worrying signals

Kratom in the Chicagoland area and the rest of Illinois is still legal to buy, sell, etc.  You can order Kratom online and you will not be blocked by an supplier (that we know of) like the few other states that have outlawed Kratom.

There was a recent Kratom bust in Illinois for “improperly labeled” Kratom – Here is the depressing AP story –



U.S. authorities in Illinois have seized nearly 90,000 bottles of a beverage containing the herbal ingredient Kratom.

A Wednesday statement from the U.S. attorney’s office in Chicago says the bottles are valued at more than $400,000. Prosecutors filed a civil forfeiture complaint that enabled officials to seize them.

Kratom is used by some as a dietary ingredient. The complaint says there isn’t enough information to conclude that Kratom doesn’t pose health risks. It derives from a substance grown in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. The complaint says Kratom can have stimulant and narcotic effects.

It says the product, called RalaKzpro, was manufactured for and held by a company in South Beloit called Dordoniz Natural Products, LLC.

End of AP story –

If there continues to be busts and Kratom continues to be stigmatized then a quick outlaw of this “drug of concern” is always possible.  This is terrible news for people with chronic pain, former pain pill addicts and the rest of the Kratom enjoying world.  If Kratom does become illegal, we can only guess the drug companies and drug dealers will be happy.

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Stay Safe

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