Native American #Kratom? What did the Apaches Use as Pain Killers? Is this it For Real?

Native American  cure?? – pain relief, opiate addiction, etc??  Compared to morphine?  There is a new natural product on the market and it’s recently gotten a lot of attention. “Wild Lettuce” – Like Morphine – Non-Opiate?


There have been several messages by Kratom users about this new craze concerning “Lost Ways” (basically, herbs that Native Americans used – as well as other solutions to life’s problems)  Is this the back up to Kratom (in case Kratom is banned in the USA?) that we need?

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Pain Pill Replacements – That is our Passion!!

ANYTHING that is NOT pain pills is of interest here.  We have recently emailed several major news outlets a free copy of Our Book – to share and bring awareness to Kratom!    Our goal is to bring Kratom up every time the talking heads in the news bring up the opiate crisis.


If you have tried the “Lost Ways” practices then please let us know your review ASAP! – We still love Kratom (wonder leaf to quit pain pills) & are always looking for a new natural way to get pain relief.

What the heck, if This LOCAL, NATURAL leaf is as great as some say, we will write another book!

Stay safe, stay cool and stay off pain pills! – Get the best Kratom as a life-saving alternative.


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