#Kratom on TV – SBS – Hamilton Tries Kratom & Chris Bell “Kratom is the Cure for Opoid Epidemic”- #Keepkratomlegal

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What is the deal with kratom?

 From SBS –

Hamilton's Pharmacopeia Kratom

Hamilton samples a most controversial substance.

If you’ve never heard of kratom, know that tons of the (tentatively legal) plant derivative are imported into the US every day. Some argue kratom is a kind of opiate, while some refuse to place it in that alarming category. Either way, thousands of heroin and oxy addicts consider the milder, safer and less addictive substance a lifesaver – a means of substitution that offers invaluable assistance with the unfathomable pain of withdrawal. Before the US criminalises the plant, which they almost certainly will, Hamilton travels from the last remaining kratom forest in Thailand to a kava bar in Brooklyn that serves it in drink form.


Reason TV – Chris Bell, a huge supporter of Kratom speaks about the cure to the pain pill epidemic.  Chris has also been on the Joe Rogan podcast, discussing Kratom in an honest and accurate way (unlike most news outlets and politicians).

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