My #Kratom Story – It is Truly “From the Heavens” – I Quit Opiates & Pain Pills with Kratom!! Guest Post

Book excerpt – “From the Heavens…The Kratom Bible  – Quitting Pain Pills & Opiates with this Divine Leaf” On Amazon


Guest Post Quickie by “TS” – (US Army Vet)

I was getting sent 360 10mg Percocet every month by the VA via special mail delivery.  At first I liked it, so did my fused spine, but soon enough they did not work for the pain and I was doing anything to “intensify” their effects, buy street pills, etc.

Kratom saved my life.  Without ANY question.  If these lunatics keep trying to make it illegal then they MUST be fought.  I happily contributed to the little book.

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I thought the whole idea of telling my street pill provider that I didn’t need anything for the first time in years would resonate with some folks out there who are suffering like I have.  YOU can do it too.  Somebody selling you illegal pills is NOT helping you out.  Tell them you don’t need them any more – buy some really fresh kratom   then tell them good bye when you realize that kratom will easily replace the hell of pain pills.

My Contribution – 

(From the book – “From the Heavens – The Kratom Bible – Quitting Opiates & Pain Pills with this Divine Leaf”

“I told my pill “hook up” that I’ll catch him maybe next week.  He was shocked as it was the first time I said that to him in six years.  I’ve never waited a moment longer than needed to get my pills.  This was because my wife had ordered a huge bag of Kratom powder and talked me into trying it.  I never “caught” him that next week….or any other week.  I QUIT those damn pills right then and there”

“The cool think about Kratom is that you can pretty much just take it once a day or every other day.  It’s just not the same hour to hour roller coaster that narcotic pills are.  That’s why it is so effective in quitting pain pills” (TS)


There it is – my little advice and two cents.  Being a part of this little book that has now reached thousands of people is wonderful.

I’ll always be grateful to “Doc Kratom” for letting me participate as well as introducing me to kratom .

Let’s please #keepkratomlegal!

TS –


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