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As the plot thickens on Kratom, with establishment goons entertaining the idea of banning a proven cure for opiate addiction/opiate withdrawal, there are some that have taken to social media to spread the word on kratom.

Please follow, retweet and support the following Kratom heroes who go above and beyond  –

@BigStrongFast  – “Chris Boar Bell”  – You’ve seen Chris on Joe Rogan’s wonderful podcast spreading the word on this divine leaf.  Chris has the latest on the fight to keep kratom legal (now in the hands of the DEA) so follow/support him.

Follow the #keepkratomlegal, #kratom, #kratomsaveslives hashtags as there are many great people supporting this cure of opiate addiction.

One more hero to follow –

@Kpascuch “Keith Pascucci” – Always tweeting to his follows the latest news on Kratom and supporting the spread of petitions/news to his Twitter followers – 

No matter what the or the or says, has saved countless lives and has returned normalcy to so many good people. The KC is my 2nd Family. I’ll do whatever I can!

@Kpascuch  (5:37 AM – 17 Feb 2018)   Make sure to follow!


Thanks Keith – There are countless veterans and countless regular, everyday folks who have found kratom.  Our community was so shocked at the effectiveness of kratom in quitting pain pills & opiates that we produced our little FREE “intervention book”  – it’s a humble little read meant to be effective (NOT a boring report on where kratom is grown that was copied from wiki/etc…like other kratom books)

You can get the book HERE! and GET YOUR KRATOM HERE!!  (to support us)

** – Just to show how bad of salesmen we are, the book is for free on our homepage (you can purchase the book, or order from our recommended kratom supplier – they’re awesome! – or donate via bitcoin on the homepage  if you wish to support us.

BUT more importantly, share the book, give the free PDF copy to a friend, spread the word on kratom and say goodbye to pain pills.

There has been support on bitcoin & other patronage…THANK YOU!!  It’s touching to all of us – stay healthy and, as always..screw pain pills!

Doc Kratom & Friends


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