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From Charlotsville Blue Ridge Poison Center and the Food and Drug Administration are putting out a warning for the deadly risks associated with the plant Kratom.

Kratom grows naturally in Asia, and is now making its way to the United States.

People use it for pain, depression, and anxiety – but doctors say many are taking too high of a dosage.

Kratom will make you NOT need pain pills!

At the poison center at the University of Virginia, doctors are seeing people come in with opioid-like symptoms.

“It’s an interesting substance that is still being investigated,” says Chris Holstege, the medical director at the Blue Ridge Poison Center. “We’re starting to see more and more papers come out on it. The problem is we’re also seeing adverse effects associated with it, and we’re not sure what to make of those effects right now.”

The Food and Drug Administration has even seen cases that result in death.

Kratom is not regulated by the FDA..

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This type of nonsense is spreading and may threaten this wonder leaf in the USA.  When a Mom suffers a tragedy with their child who is a drug addict and used Kratom, Kratom itself can get the rap for the drugs, alcohol, etc…Kratom is the cure….NOT THE PROBLEM!

We have had WAY too many stories and experience with Kratom vs Opiates & Pain Pills.

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