Bad News in Alabama – More Kratom Laws Coming

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(Hunstville, AL)  There’s a legal drug lawmakers are working to make illegal.

The supplement, kratom can be found in almost any over the counter energy drinks.

Because of this lawmakers are trying to pass a bill that will make it illegal.

Attorney Matt Wisda, with Wisda Law Firm is urging parents to take heed because there are cases and legal fees you’ll pay and he’ll have to fight if you aren’t aware of what you or your kids are putting in their system.

“This stuff is not regulated by the federal or state government,” said Wisda.

What looks like your everyday energy drink, contains a powerful and potentially dangerous ingredient.

“People do not need more things on the market that are addictive and that can hurt them,” said Wisda. “It may say not for sale for people under 18 on the bottle but there’s no law that people who work at gas stations can’t sell it.”

Kratom can be substituted for spice, or even marijuana, and when used the wrong way the effects are similar to the high received from opiates like heroin.

Attorneys said if the law doesn’t change you’re left paying the legal fees to fight the companies who make it.

“There’s no clause in the law as it stands right now because the federal government has not banned this stuff to make sure these problems are looked at to have the appropriate oversight to know if they’re safe,” said Wisda.

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Once again, the lawmakers prefer folks taking dangerous pain pills.  What does Doc Kratom suggest?  Load up on Kratom where and while you can (legally) and pray that your local lawmakers learn about this wonder leaf.


Doc Kratom – keep up the fight everyone!!  Tell your local politicians to leave Kratom alone!

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