Kratom in Oxford, AL – The Bad News Keeps on Coming for Kratom – Let’s keep up our end!

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Oxford police are warning convenience stores in their area about a dangerous synthetic drug called “kratom” that they say is being used by teens and drug users.

Kratom is a tree related to coffee and grown in parts of Southeast Asia, and officials say it has an addictive property to it, one that imitates an opiate. Kratom is an ingredient in some energy drinks.

Last November, Talladega County officials issued a warning about it after parents said energy drinks with kratom as an ingredient was causing their children to get high.

Oxford police said the product falls within Alabama’s criminal code, and they are serving a notice about the drug to convenience stores.

The notice states that Oxford retail stores are ordered to remove any products that have mitragyne speciosa korth, known as kratom. It also goes by the street names of “thang,” “kakuam,” “thom,” “ketum,” and “biak.”

The notice also orders stores to remove any incense that is labeled “not for human consumption.” The stores have 24 hours to remove the products from their shelves.

“We are trying very hard to stay on top of these synthetic drugs being sold to our kids. I want to thank the city council for being proactive in helping us keep this out of our city,” Oxford Police Chief Bill Partridge said on the police department Facebook page.

Chief Partridge said if store owners are found still selling products with kratom after the notice goes out, they will be arrested on a felony charge.



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